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Radiant bronzed skin is only one spray away! 

Airbrush Tans are applied by our professionally trained attendants. Our private spray room features a state of the art exhaust system that removes any fumes from the room instantly. We respect our clients' privacy and ensure your comfort by providing disposable thongs, hair caps and feet protectors

Our Sunless Express Spray Booth is also a great way to get tanned. In and out with a quick spray and blended by you. You can jump back in the booth as many times as you need to get your desired darkness. There is an instructional video and the booth has an automated voice so you know exactly what to do.

Airbrush Tanning Prices
1 Full Body Spray - $45
2 Full Body Spray - $75
Half Body Sprays (Legs or Upper Body Only) - $25
Scrub Exfoliation & Airbrush Spray Tan - $65

Spray Booth Prices
1 Session - $25
(summer special $22)

Tanning Solution - 2010 Industry Choice Award Winner!
Norvell® is a custom designed sunless tanning solution that produces an express, quick-drying, natural, long-lasting, “just off the beach” tan! It’s micro-nutrient technology delivers a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skin’s inherent “just off the beach” glow. The natural formula works with the skin creating a customized shade of color every time.

NOTE: The product applied to your skin contains temporary bronzer that WILL WASH OFF. The color change is actually created by a clear ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which will begin to activate within 2-4 hours after application and can take up to 24 HOURS to fully develope.

The color developed by the DHA usually lasts 5 to 7 days and begins to fade as the top layer of the skin naturally exfoliates. 

Follow these IMPORTANT CARE INSTRUCTIONS to prolong your tan.

* Before your appointment we recommend you shower and exfoliate well. Avoid lotion, deodorant and makeup to ensure an even spray. Come in loose fitting dark clothes.

* During the first 16 hours after your application it is important to refrain from moisture build up on the skin ie: swimming, sweating, massage, pedicures etc. If you must shower prior to the 16 hour waiting period, use a warm water rinse.

* Moisturize your skin regularly to prolong your tan.

* Avoid body scrubs, strong soaps, chlorinated pools and the ocean.

* We have several retail products available that contain DHA which we highly recomend for your home usage to maintain your tan.