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Body Therapy

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Sila Wellness Therapy
About Your Therapist
Over the past decade, I have earned a reputation here on the peninsulas skilled in traditional Thai massage and beyond. Clients say the appreciate that I can modify my technique and pressure to suit their particular needs on any given day.

My driving philosophy:  Bring calm compassion and skill to each client with the goal of easing pain, reducing stress, and nurturing holistic well-being
Traditional Thai Massage
a dry massage, pressure points, facilitated yoga-like stretches, fully confortable in your own loose-fitting     t-shirts & pants.
1 hr. - $65   90min. - $100   2 hrs. - $130
Thai Aromatherapy with Essential Oils
(light relaxing massage pressure)
1 hr. - $70   90 min. - $105   2hrs. - $135 
Hot stone massage with oil
(light relaxing to firm massage preassure)
1 hr. - $80   90 min. - $115   2 hrs. $155
Swedish massage
1 hr. - $80   90 min. - $115   2 hrs. - $155
Deep Tissue Sports Massage
1 hr. - $75   90min. - $110   2hrs. - $140
Therapeutic Pressure Point
(Myofascial release therapy)
1 hr. - $80   90min. - $115   2 hrs. - $155
20 years experience in a range of techniques, specializing in Traditional Thai massage

Fully certified by CMTC

We custom design our treatment room to offer clients features found nowhere else on the peninsula
* Do you enjoy Professional Thai massage but find floor mats uncomfortable, especially when face down and trying to breathe.

 * Do you prefer a seamless blend of Thai with Swedish style techniques? 

* Do you enjoy having flexible      choices as each visit?

* Do you  prefer not to hear            sounds from other clients close by.
* Do you prefer a peaceful, quiet treatment room?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we welcome you to come and be our guest and experience for yourself.
This is a therapeutic massage . Our code of conducts Prohibits only professional services 

Health Concerns:
We do not offer Prenatal Massage.
Always check with your doctor if any questionable conditions arise before receiving a treatment.